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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Giant Bits

All I want is everything
Like the feel of your touch
But all I have are yesterdays
Tomorrow never comes

-The best time of year for sports is happening today and tomorrow and I'm just not as informed as I would like to be. Every year I try to do my best to analyze the NCAA conference tournaments in order to try to figure out who I'm going to pick in my bracket but I just get too bored and miss the games. This year I layed in front of the couch and watched basketball and came from it with an attitude of "woah...duh I like college basketball" without truly absorbing any of it.

I filled out my brackets this year and I basically have the four one seeds in the final four which makes it the most boring brackets I've ever made. One interesting thing I did this year was put absolutely no faith in the Big Ten and I don't have one Big Ten team in the sweet 16. I guess I spent too much of this last weekend watching paint dry (otherwise known as the Big Ten Tournament) and I was so turned off that I don't want any Big Ten teams to win in the NCAA tournament.

-I bitch about this every year but WHY THE HELL DOES DUKE/UNC ALWAYS GET HOME DRAWS? UNC this year pretty much plays at home for the first two rounds and then in the regional semifinals. It's like Gopher hockey team always playing in St. Paul for the hockey tournament. tool of destructional kick ass force

my curling broom.

It's got it's own name too. It's "The Matrix" and no, I did not name it.

-Now there have been many great pictures of Sara Evans in the past but this particular one constantly reminds me that I have laundry to do.

-I've actually received a couple of emails about this article on ESPN. Basically Sal Paolantonio uses stats to show how mediocre Brett Favre was in the last half of his career. I can only assume that after that article was posted that he was fired from ESPN and a gang of crying anchormen approached him with Brett Favre gear and framed sickening pictures of #4 rising from the dead (just in time for Easter).

Chris Berman weeping in his fakish man voice: Sal, you made a lot of people cry today. I hope you're happy. Brett Favre was a SAINT! A SAINT THAT YOU COULD ONLY WISH YOU WERE LIKE. Thank you for ruining my life!

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