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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Lick my Bitties

I could tell she had been cryin'
But didn't seem to bother me
Cuz I know there's no one blinder
Than a fool who just couldn't see

-Monday I woke up and felt great with the exception of one annoying and suspect cough. I didn't think anything of it until about 4pm when I just started to wind down. It was as if all the energy was suddenly sucked out of my body. I eventually grew so tired at work that I hid under my cubicle (just like Costanza) and napped for a couple hours until it was time to not feel pathetic anymore.

Then I talked to a coworker.

Boof: yeah, I just feel weak with this really dry cough
Y: yeah, that's how it starts
Boof: How what starts?
Y: I would bet you have the flu. I would put money that you have the flu. Dude you 100% have the flu
Boof: Alright shut up, god dammit.

So I figured I had the flu. I went right to bed and after a crazy night of trying to sleep I woke up the next morning feeling bad, but not bad enough to skip work. Then I stood up.

It was like I was in a crazy fun house. I couldn't even walk through the house without using the walls for support. I also had this crazy headache that was branded within my head that wouldn't go away. Add to the fact that the coughing was worse than yesterday and I was still dead tired, I decided that there was no way I could go into work.

For the 2nd time ever, I took a legitimate day off of work (as opposed to simply not wanting to go to work and calling in sick which I have done in the past during those dumb high school jobs). I'm becoming more comfortable with taking a day off instead of enduring the hell of working while being waaay too sick. In the past I would always tough it out and endure a day of work because I either; A) didn't want to give up overtime (I sound eerily like my dad now), B) I didn't want to trouble anyone to work my shift C) I didn't think I was that sick. Or some other dumb reason.

I slept until about 2pm when I woke up to chit chat with the roommate, grab something to eat, and then went back to bed at 3pm. I woke up at about 10pm and then went to watch some movies and went back to bed at 2am. Now I feel like a whole new person!

And it's all due to sleeping under my cube.

-My parents keep wondering why I want to live in the city instead of the suburbs. There are many reasons. My latest reason for living in the city came when I went grocery shopping at 2am one morning.

Boof whistling to Stayin Alive...
Boof stops, drops his basket jaw drops to the ground, and looks around cautiously.
Oh. My. Christ! I fucking love this place! Take that parents!

What was it you may ask?


It's Mexican Coca Cola...INAGLASSBOTTLE! Mexican Coca Cola also uses pure cane sugar instead of corn syrup so it's doubly sweet. It's tremendous and it's mine (the PBR back there isn't mine). On top of the bottle it says "Medio Litro" which is spanish for 'Fucking Awesome'.

-This is what the metrodome looks like at 2am on a Sunday morning.


It's really creepy.

-I just sneezed all over my computer.

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