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Sunday, April 27, 2008

10k Crap


One man caught on a barbed wire fence
One man he resist


Crap List

1.  Our Company Representative

I consider myself to be a very understanding person and I really don't ask for much however if something needs to be said, I'll say it.  That being said, our company representative is a worthless tool.  Whenever I have a problem and I'm supposed to go to her, I get a type of response that screams "there, there, you'll eat what you'll be given" and that pisses me off. 

I must admit that she never really gained any points from me with her stupid comments and her endless droning of small talk in the first place.  She has always been the one to encourage me (and nearly begging me) to come to these noon lunches at work which are a pain in the ass since I live in Minneapolis where it's 20 minutes out of my way and I usually come in to work at 2:30.  Then I come in for the lunch and she gives me a comment like,

So beheheheh did you have to roll out of bed to come here bweheheheh?


So after this are you going to simply hang out for a couple hours until your shift starts?

I hate *HATE* those comments.  I have acted somewhat cold to those comments because it's an asshole thing to say even for an asshole.  I also want to stand up and say,

You know, fat bitch, don't test me!  I would like you to work nights for a month and tell me how you like it. How bout you shut your ass and help me for once.

What is worse is that I don't think she knows what she's saying.  She gives me this look like she's completely clueless.

I suppose I should probably say that this fit of rage was supplied by the fact that my request for an increase in money for safety shoes was thoroughly rejected since she found shoes that redneck Jim makes from his garage in Coon Rapids for $30.  She's never worn any work related shoe in her life and it would probably prevent her from an evening reading '1001 Ways to Be Smarmy' at the OCB to look into the matter more than simply going to the Cabela's website. 

After all, while boots have gone up in price in the 6 years, the money we've been allocated has not changed. 

Also my request for a raise has not been answered.  Instead they gave me a $50 Target gift card which I'm sure was initiated from Fat Bitch herself. 

-Running the Get-N-Gear 10k without much training

I usually run all the time but for the last couple weeks I've wavered on my running due to my schedule and my lazy ass not allowing me to run.  I wanted to run this race because I ran it in 2005 and 2006.  I didn't run it last year and as a result I felt an immense guilt for not participating in it.  It's a great race and there's plenty of fit women wearing tight forming spandex-like material so there's a lot in this for the assman in me.

Oogling is usually so good that I have google eyes throughout the race. 

After the race I needed an 8 hour nap and my knee hurt like a filthy son of a bitch.  I'm still sore now as I type this and a 10k shouldn't hurt this much.  I mean a 10k is usually child's play for me but this was a bit of a bitch. 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Your "company representative" is nothing more than a overweight slob who's best identifying quality is a loud sucking sound!
She is one of those token woman who thinks they are business icons, when in fact the only reason they have been promoted is that they shake their heads in one direction like a bobble doll, and have not clue about what their role is really supposed to be. She only knows how to say yes to her superiors. She is sour on giving you a raise because I am sure that she makes less than you do, and equates her "job" as much more important and demanding than yours will ever be. I have dealt with her on many different levels, and she is not able to handle any situation well, either at home or work! Luke Warm, and non effective at anything! Imagine if she was your mother! Yuk!