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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Current Living Situation

I'm questioning my education
Is my education all i am now?


I was rudely reminded by my roommate that I have not written about at all since I've moved into H's lair of Jewishness.  I guess there's just not so much to write about when I'm not living with 45 year olds who look like Sarah Connor and who party every night like it's New Years.  In fact there really hasn't been any incidents at all.  Except for the fact that all three of us have gotten sick like 6 times in the last 3 months.

But I don't know if I introduced my roommates to you all (all 4 of you including my roommates)

H: I've known him for about--geez 6 years now and he's a product of living in the hizzy with Crazy Bitch and Ms. Austria.  H offered me a room and no lease so naturally I moved out of 50 year old partyville, USA and onto H's.

B:  is H's gf and she's goofy as all fucking hell.  She was going insane over koalas one day and I just continued eating my munchos watching basketball.  She calls me gay and retarded on a daily basis but I really don't care.  She's uncoordinated and delirious so I think we're a wash.  The funny thing is she works at a looney bin which I can only assume the old adage "takes one to know one" comes in.  Other than that we seem to get along pretty well.

I do enjoy living there and H even bought Guitar Hero for us to play and get along with.  My whole current situation seems to put my other situation in perspective with the sex swing in the garage and catching them having sex and all.  That all seems really, really gross now whereas before it was just really gross.  I suppose coming home from work seeing a dangling sex swing in the garage has a way of desensitizing anyone. 

The one thing I'm worried about is the summertime and centipedes.  Just typing that out gives me the willies.  The one good thing about living with the old nymphos was there were no centipedes anywhere.  There has been rumors that a pet may or may not emerge soon which would be cool because I could use this pet as my centipede killer.  Cats will for sure be all over them and big dumb dogs like to eat them so that would be bitching.  But yeah, there's nothing manly-er than having to take a dog downstairs because of a fear of bugs.  I'm alright about that though.


Anonymous said...

Crazy bitch...... I would like to be referred to as cracky thank you.

PS Meet me in Vegas the weekend of May 9-12. I'll finally hook up with Deshaun.

Boof said...

I'm sorry, Cracky. Her name is Cracky everyone because she drinks Crackaid!

May 9-12 eh?