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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I Gotta Take a Huge Bit

There's those thinkin' more or less, less is more,
but if less is more, how you keepin' score?


-I have come to the conclusion that I need a serious time-out from the movies Juno and Into the Wild because I'm strangely obsessed with them for different reasons.  Into the Wild is actually a movie that will give me nightmares with how that ending went and I end up getting into a huge fit over the actual story behind it.  Juno drives me nuts because I keep wondering which suburb it was based in and I try to look for all the Minnesota nods in it.  Also Diablo--what is it about ex-strippers that make in curious?  Oh I know it's probably all the tricks they know and what they can do with a pole. 

-We have a very special insurance meeting this Friday to which I'm already not looking forward too.  For one thing it's one of these meetings that they schedule at noon when it's convenient to everyone else but me.  I have no idea what I'm going to do from 1pm until work starts so I guess I'll bum around in a mall somewhere or pretend like I'm a bigshot at Best Buy.  Maybe I'll go to the car dealership and pretend like I want to buy a car and basically waste their time.

-With that looming insurance meeting I've been wondering on what the best way to butter me up would be.  I'm thinking some sort of a gift box full of Twins tickets, goofy Twins trinkets, and perhaps a couple superballs would be a decent start.  Then sit me down and talk to me about old school cartoons just to get me warmed up.  Then ask me about how much the Green Bay Packers suck so I can get fired up and get some adrenalin pumping.  Finally show a couple clips of Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle.  After the clip, tell me the bad news and it won't even seem as bad because I was buttered up first.

Speaking of butter, maybe an ear of corn on the cob would be an order too.

-The firewall at work is still not firewalling anything so I'm very comfortable surfing youtube goodness and being able to see the Twins ballpark being erected.  I figure if they catch me and are that pissed off then I can say I enjoyed some youtube goodness.

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