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Monday, April 14, 2008

Into the Wild Crap

My god its been so long. Never dreamed you'd return.
But now here you are and here I am.
Hearts and thoughts they fade away.

Curling is getting too tiresome on my body. Two games in a row wears me out.

Crap List

1. Into the Wild, Chris McCandless, and the movie (I haven't read the book yet)

Spoiler alert!!!!!! If you want to see the movie or read the book then don't read this bitching.

A coworker said that I really, really need to see this movie and he also went on to mention that it was 'right up my ally' and I should probably see this movie as soon as possible. I know when I tell other people stuff like that, I want them to see the movie right now as in this very minute. Into the Wild seemed very interesting with the soundtrack performed by Eddie Vedder and Kaki King (whom I didn't know had anything to do with it until seeing the movie).

After seeing the movie my initial reaction that it was really good but there was something wrong. I think it was the "I've had a fulfilling life" notion that I had a problem with.


You did not have a fulfilling life. You had 2 really fun, enjoyable years which hardly a life makes. The whole damn reason you went on that mystical journey is because you weren't happy with your life. So....don't lead us to believe that you had a fulfilling life at the age of 24.

Then I started thinking more about the film and the question 'what exactly did he really do?' came to mind. He bummed around the country, met some good people, and worked odd jobs. That's all I can pretty gather. He did contribute $24,000 to Oxfam which was very noble but other than that...

He eventually made it to Alaska and lived in the wilderness for about 120 days which, to me, does not seem that impressive. In fact, had he not been lucky enough to find that bus, he would've been dead in less than 120 days.

Then I thought about it even more. He went out in the Alaskan wilderness without a compass, much of a map, and lacking supplies.


WHAT THE HELL?!? How do you have a dream of living in the Alaskan wilderness and you don't buy boots or a god damn topographical map!?! IN ALASKA OF ALL PLACES!? NEAR DANALI!? WHERE GRIZZLIES ROAM AROUND IN ABUNDANCE.

Now this whole tale sounds more of complete stupidity than heroism and individual spirituality. I mean I hate to say this but, I can attempt to live in the great northern wilderness and probably die in 120 days. I'm pretty sure I could find a sweet way to die too. But if I was going to attempt to do so, I would make god damn sure to buy a compass, buy a topo map or FOR THE LOVE OF GOD MAKE A FUCKING MAP, and bring some supplies with me so I could survive so I don't have to rely on some magic bus in the middle of bumblefuck nowhere.

This Chris McCandless is considered a hero and has his own cult and everything. Did they not understand that he was a (and I'm going to call a spade a spade here) a failed outdoorsman who was simply out of his element. I get that he was a guy who followed the road less traveled and was sick of the selfishness of society but, for the love of god, read a little more about wilderness survival before you head into the woods. A book on edible plants is a good start but apparently it wasn't enough.

Then it really burns me that he completely abandoned his family. I understand the need to break free and go off on your own with the pressures of family but let them know you're still alive. Good god! To me it shows incredible hypocrisy to go off into the wilderness because of the selfishness of society when you're showing selfishness towards your own flesh and blood. One anonymous postcard, one phone call, one picture would at least let your family know you're alright. No, he left his parents in complete agony for 2 years. I don't care how much your parents irritate you, it screws with people's minds when their son vanishes.

I don't know. This story seems like a spiritual journey to finds ones self to most people but I just find it to be someone who is running away from something and blindly goes into the Alaskan Wilderness. Nothing terribly groundbreaking for me. In fact it seems like a story of idiocy.

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