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Sunday, May 11, 2008

2K Crap

Follow me, don't follow me
I've got my spine, I've got my orange crush


Crap List

1.  Twins radio play-by-play

I have to admit that one of the reasons why I haven't been posting lately is that I've been distracted with the all the baseball I can watch an hear.  I recently purchased the MLB.TV package and I've been watching baseball instead of being bored.  I don't know why a National's and Braves matchup would gain so much of my interest but I've been watching intently.  I've also been keeping a close eye on all the AL Central teams.

It's so sad that I recognize certain teams broadcasts.  I know that the Kansas City Royals are now on Fox Sports Net Kansas City and that channel never existed before this year.  The Tigers are not on HD nearly enough as what they should be for that market.  And of course, Vin Scully is god.

I've purchased the package every year in the last 3 years or so and this year MLB has really decided to not suck as bad as the other years.  I downloaded this "MLB Mosaic" deal and I've been watching 6 baseball games at once.  It's great and all I need is to buy a pack of hot dogs and then I'll be totally pathetic.

I also get all the radio broadcasts for each team and since all Twins games are blacked out from TV, I will always follow the Twins on the radio.  I will then tune into the opponents radio broadcast because I enjoy listening to someone new and I like the objective opinion they have on the Twins.  After listening to the White Sox radio announcers of Ed Farmer and Steve Stone I have come to the conclusion that the Twins radio announcers are completely worthless and nearly unbearable to listen to.

For instance,

Dan:  And now Punto is up and he takes a hack at the first pitch and pops it up...Punto is hitting .250 in his last five games.  Next pitch...sawed off.

See, usually when someone says "...and he pops it up" that means that the hitter POPS IT UP and the ball is catchable.  I'm thinking of a lazy infield fly.  But no, it's a "foul ball, out of play" which is supposed to be assumed with the Gladden's "popped up" call.

Compare that to Ed Farmer and Steve Stone who were breaking down pitch counts and talking pitchers strategy whenever an odd pitching count was present.  Farmer and Stone had me captivated when they were talking about how managers roll a baseball down the infield lines just to see how a ball rolls inside the line for bunting plays and how a runner on third leads off in foul territory and heads back to third base in fair territory.

Oh I laughed, I cried, and I applauded at the end. 

Then there's John Gordon whom isn't much better.  He's lucky if he can get the players correct.  I think I heard him make this call one time,

"And it's a fly ball to DEEP right field, Carew goes back...and bounces off the wall, Markakis throws it to the cutoff and Radke is in there with a double."


Now how in the fucking hell are you supposed to visualize that?

-People and Gas Prices

We have a society of lemmings.  Last week one of the gas stations around town were tardy in adding thirty cents to their gas prices because they change their prices the beginning of the next day.  Therefore everyone around town lined up at that gas station to pump gas that was thirty cents per gallon cheaper.

People were waiting 90 minutes in line.
People were coming from 100 miles away.
All to save thirty cents per gallon.

Let's do the math real quick.  For me, my tank is about 15 gallons.  .30 times 15 is about $4.50 in savings which isn't bad.  But if you're going to wait 90 minutes to save $4.50 then you're a complete loser.  If you're coming from 100 miles away to wait 90 minutes to save $4.50 (or even $12 if you have a big truck) then you are a complete retarded loser because A) it suggests that an hour of your time is only worth $4.50 and you have nothing better to do and B) If you own a truck you should be making enough to support a lifestyle of owning a big truck therefore saving $12 shouldn't be that big of a deal.

I suppose I'm not terribly surprised.  We still live in a society where walking/running 2K's is a major achievement. 
2 Kilometers!  That's just over a mile!  I could walk a 2K being hungover and with the bright sunshine in my face and I would probably run another 2K's simply because I would want to break a sweat.

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