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Monday, May 12, 2008



How hard would it have been to say some kinder words instead
I wonder as I stare up at the sky turning red


I have to admit that I've been a bit reclusive for the last couple weeks.  It's not that I'm feeling terrible or depressed or sick or anything.  I've actually been as happy as I can remember in the last couple years.  I'm not laying awake at night and wondering about the future and how much better my life could be if I won that blasted $180M lottery.  I'm actually waking up at a decent time and I'm not staying up terribly late.

I've also been going to the gym regularly again and increasing the endurance with some good runs every other day.  Everything is really quite nice and air is clearer and water tastes better...and all that shit.  I'm thinking that the good weather has a lot to do with things.  Any day where it doesn't look like imminent gloom makes me happy.  Having trees bloom (in the middle of May) is doing wonders for my well being. 

I feel a bit guilty not calling people back and not being as talkative as I usually am but I suppose I'm in one of my introverted moods.  The type of moods where I want nothing more than to sit in front of the TV and smell my own farts in front of the beautiful sights of Anne Hathaway.  I probably should just turn my phone off but what if Anne calls?

So I didn't mean to neglect anyone and stop posting or anything I've been too busy being happy. 

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