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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Iron Bits

My life is like a picture left
Out too long in the sun
Now I'm trying to remember all
The faces of the names I've loved


-So I think I have an old man stalking me at the gym.  This old man is pretty nice, overly nice, and he always seems to follow me in the locker room.  One time I was in the shower and I dropped my container of soap.  He stood outside the stall and asked me if I was okay.  I was but that violates code 59 in the latest edition Men's Bathroom Etiquette.  I mean what the hell does he care if I stubbed my toe in the shower.

Also I've been trying to change up my schedule in an effort to avoid him in the locker room.  It's almost as if he's watching me work out too which gives me the creeps.  I guess I could throw the guy against a wall or something seeing that I am a guy and I am bigger than him. 

I guess it wouldn't be so bad if this woman were there instead.

-Kathleen Edwards is coming to town (tonight actually) and I'm hoping I can attend the concert.  See, the deal is I don't have any work scheduled but that doesn't mean that no work will happen.  It's usually in this scenario that if you make plans away from work, then something will come up at work. 

Anyway I'm eager to go to this concert because the last time I saw her I wore my Cowboy Junkies shirt to which Edwards made note of during the concert (I know, I tried to hump her leg after that too but she resisted...dammit).  I then went to a Cowboy Junkies show and met with the lead singer afterwards.  I told her how Edwards was a fan of theirs. 

So fast forward to this year and now Edwards is opening a couple shows for the Junkies.  I would love to think that I had something to do with that since I was the glue that held their networking together even though I think they're under the same management, all Canadian, and both are in the same genre) but that's all poppycock, I know they came together with the help of me.  I need this!

-I've always wanted to have an Australian accent.

-Wouldn't Steel Man be lighter, stronger, and more sleek than any Iron Man would be? 

1 comment:

The Steph said...

1) I'll stop dressing up and stalking you at the gym if it upsets you so much
2) Steel man may be lighter but simply doesn't sound as cool - and how cool you sound carries more weight than how easily you destroy the world.