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Monday, May 05, 2008

Iron Crap

It doesn't mean much
it doesn't mean anything at all
the life I've left behind me
is a cold room


Crap List

1.  Comic Book Movies

Iron Man was pretty good, I'll admit that right now.  Tons of action, dialogue was okay, and it was entertaining.  If there was a problem with the movie it's that it follows every single plot outline in every single comic book/action figure movie.  There's really nothing surprising about the basic aspects of the movie.

I mean I could make up a guy, say _____man where the protagonist is very humbled in the beginning.  Then there's a montage (gotta be a mon-TAGE) where they're creating their suit/uniform.  Finally there's the battle at the end where it turns out the antagonist is a former friend/partner.  Add a couple clever lines, explosions, sexual innuendos, and the guest appearance of Stan Lee  and you pretty much have your own movie based from a comic book.

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