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Sunday, June 15, 2008

NBA Crap

I look at the world and I notice it's turning
While my guitar gently weeps

Crap List


1.  The NBA and officiating

I used to be a genuine fan of the NBA.  I used to pay attention to who gets traded, draft, and I even went to a game in the Metrodome back in the day when the T-wolves played there.  Since 2004 I haven't had any kind of desire to watch a regular season NBA game in large part due to the officiating.

I remember shooting hoops with Hog one time and we were making jokes like,
-I wonder if the NBA is going to make the Finals a best of 9 series if (name your big market team) lose the deciding game of the series.
-Maybe the NBA will award the (big market team) 10 points in the 4th quarter for previous years missed calls.
-I bet the (big market team) couldn't travel if they simply carried the ball like a running back the entire game.

And big name columnists would allude to the same type of stuff.  It's almost a bit of a joke sometimes in how desperate the NBA is for ratings and the showtime factor.  It almost seems strange that in the last 25 years nearly every Finals had a big market team featured.  A couple years ago they had Miami against Dallas and it would seem fitting that there would be an NBA exec somewhere saying, "No way we let this happen ever again". 

I actually don't know if this "big market love" the NBA has is true but it does seem a bit strange.  In 2004 when I watched the T-wolves religiously, there was always a couple calls that completely bewildered me--not surprised me-- and I questioned said call but completely dazed as to how the ref could miss such a call.  I mean in baseball when there's a bad ump it would take a series of horrible calls and inconsistency in order for me to act bewildered.  In football I get bewildered about once every forth Vikings game. 

The NBA just seems so phony.  NCAA basketball doesn't seem to have that hint of someone pulling the strings from up above.  NCAA always has those Cinderella teams that will beat your Kentucky, Kansas, Arizona, and Notre Dame teams.  The NBA just doesn't have that feeling of legitimacy. 

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