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Tuesday, July 29, 2008


So many moons that we have seen
Stumbling back next to me

Last week I had a good friend that passed away and yadda yadda yadda.  I'm not going to have another heart pouring entry because I've said my peace and those entries tend to be vomit worthy anyway.  Nic did throw up a lot....whatever

The wake was nice.  It was actually cathartic to laugh and remember all the good times.  I waited in line with my parents to talk to Nic's parents and his mom completely blindsided me by telling my parents the time when someone threw up on their carpet during a night of drinking.  I suddenly took the blame while my parents looked at me like I was scum of the earth.  First of all I didn't do it, and I was telling my buddy to get his ass in the bathroom.  Second, why the hell are you bringing this up right now?  It happened like 8 years ago!

The funeral was really not much fun either.  It started out with Moby's 'Everloving'.  When I first heard the notes of this song I said to myself, "oh no".  Not so much because of Nic's funeral but more because this song will now be ruined because I already had a nice personal memory of this song.  'Everloving' was the song that was on when I was entering Denver for the horrible Van Halen concert I was going to see.  It was a nice way of entering Denver!

Also Pink Floyd's 'On the Turning Away' was actually sung at the funeral.  I'm alright with this because I always thought of Nic when it came to this song anyway.  Also I'm lukewarm on the song so it's okay.

What was really interesting was the coincidences involved with songs being played at certain times throughout that week. 

Now I'm not one to be paranoid by ghosts or to pay attention to weird noises or anything like that.  I'm pretty ignorant and lazy so if something's amiss, I usually just keep on stuffing my mouth with chips and ignore it.  Last week though, there were a couple coincidences that gave me shivers because they were so....spooky.

For one, all week I was trying to look for Nic's obituary online.  Before Wednesday all there was was a "Look for the full obit on Wednesday".  I finally saw the full obit on Tuesday night at around 11pm.  I was listening to the radio since my laptop was dead.  When I clicked on his obituary the song "Wish You Were Here" came on the radio nearly instantly.  I immediately got shivers and had to take a step back from the computer.  Again, Nic was the one who got me into Pink Floyd and there isn't a more appropriate song than "Wish You Were Here" for that particular moment. 

The second instance came after the wake when we decided to go to Buffalo Wild Wings for some food since no one ate that day.  They were setting up for karaoke so they had speakers and a host who was getting things ready.  I told everyone that I sang karaoke with Nic once--we sang 'Wanted Dead or Alive' and he sang Jon Bon Jovi's stuff while I did Richie Sambora's part.  Everyone nodded and soon enough the conversation switched to something else.  No more than five minutes after mentioning me singing with Nic, 'Wanted, Dead or Alive' came on over the speakers at Buffalo Wild Wings and no, not one of use selected this song on the jukebox.  When we heard the song, we all looked at each other like a bunch of Keanu Reeves. 

It was pretty crazy. 

I remember this one time I was on college radio in Marshall and I was behind the mic loading songs while I had friends putzing around the studio.  I was shooting the breeze with my buddy Adam when he picked up a random cd and said,
"What's that song?  You know with the Berlin Wall and it coming down and all?
"You mean The Scorpions and "Wind of Change"?
"yeah, that's it.  You should play that!"
"ugh, actually it's on cue right now.  It's going to be on in like one minute"

I thought that was kinda nuts.  Out of all the songs, he selects the exact artist and song that I was going to play next.  Crazy.

Then there was this one time I was walking by Dairy Queen when I had the hankering for a Blizzard and then five minutes later, I was eating a Oreo cookie Blizzard! 

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