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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Construction madness Crap

We go straight for the thunder, straight for the rain
Love leaves a mark and, life leaves a strain


Crap List

1.  Road Construction

Now this isn't going to be the usual rant about road construction and how I don't understand why they do it now when it's only inconvenient for me.  No, I understand why we have road construction, I understand why we have it in the middle of summer, and I agree that some of these roads need work.  When 36 was downright closed for 6 months I found other ways.  I didn't complain once... well maybe once but I lived through it.

Roseville, I love Roseville.  Roseville is the magical suburb of suburbs because the people aren't snotty.  Roseville is the center of everything you need and it's between St. Paul and Minneapolis.  Roseville has a huge mall, a great big fucking Super Target, an Old Chicago, and has many different and convenient ways to get there.

Roseville is now in an island of road construction.  There is no fucking way to get to Roseville without parking your car at some point, sitting in your lawn chair on the road, and pushing your car whenever the cars in front advance.  Like I said, Roseville is great because there are so many convenient ways to get there but WHAT THE HELL?

Snelling is down to one lane and it's stop and go,
280 is also down to one lane and that's already clogged up because...
35W has that little bridge problem.
36 is all screwed up because I think they're building an international airport right in the god damn median.

Those are the only good ways to get there without having to wait at stop signs through residential communities.

I'm all for road construction but...let's try and plan this out a little better.  Maybe take one of those projects and put the men on 280 since that's being used as a makeshift freeway right now.  Then we have one clear shot to get to Roseville instead of waiting and then being stuck in Roseville. 

This gives me the idea that maybe we should have metrowide holidays throughout the country.  We'll have a crew of 2000 road workers who pound out the construction in all the cities around the country.  We'll give these workers a good 3 or 4 day weekend to pound out all the road construction projects in the city for which they work around the clock with all the materials, machines, and tools that they need.  If there isn't enough time then we throw more workers at the project.  In the meantime everyone has to use the residential streets or simply not go to work...or buy a damn helicopter. 

This makes me wonder if they're trying to grind all these projects out before the RNC when all the rich and powerful folks come in to see our construction free city.  That way THEY can all use the roads and bridges without any wait since they're time is more valuable than the yearlong economy here...Alright I'm done ranting.  I just want to go to B-dubs without having to wait behind that old guy in the LeSabre who wont drive 40mph. 

Aren't all the people attending the RNC going to have their own helicopters anyway?

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The Steph said...

Well said, well said. And you left out the part about how every weekend BOTH I-35E and I-35W have been getting shut down for construction. How does anyone get anywhere?