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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

July Bits

He wants to sit down and think.
He wants to pour you a drink.
And you wont feel a thing. You wont feel a thing.


-It's not like I've been terribly busy but I've been going through a bit of writers block (or bloggers block or something).  At this point in time I really don't give a damn about readership, not that I've really cared but at one point maybe three years ago I kinda cared.  I've used this space as a personal journal to where I can bitch about work and people in general.  Lately I haven't been that bitchy lately.

But now I have some shit to finally write about so, behold.

-After watching Walk Hard for the 7th time I've come to the conclusion that I would love to have a monkey more than a big dumb dog.  I figure that a monkey would be fun and if it acts up, I can throw it in the bathroom like what Tommy Gavin's dad did when he had a monkey.

-I saw one of the best movies this last weekend, "The King of Kong" is excellent.  It's about how these two complete characters have been competing with each other over the world record Donkey Kong score.  It's completely bizzare and the whole movie will have your jaw dropping on the floor. 

I had Donkey Kong for NES and I can't imagine how anyone would play that game for more than twenty minutes.  Tops.  That game was so repetitive, so stupid, and so boring that I never wanted to play it for more than ten minutes.  I do love how they fight, cry, and bitch over this really stupid game though. 

-The big news today is that Brett Favre might come back to play for the pack.  I'm actually hoping to god that he makes a comeback because of many reasons:

1) he sucks
2) he'll suck more now that he's a year older and has had an offseason of eating junk food and not keeping up in working out.
3) and probably most importantly he's on the cover of Madden '08.

Oh yes, the reason why they slapped him on the cover is because no one wants the bad luck that goes along with being a Madden cover player.  Most players that ended up on the cover have been plagued with extensive injuries or bad seasons so that should mean that Jesus should be due for a bad season as well.

Not to mention that when you look at that Viking front four, they could probably perform a babality on Favre on nearly every drive. 

*salivating* oh yes Favre, please come back and play.  Please! 

Edit:  I was just watching NFL Live and they brought up the thought of Favre coming to the Vikings.  This brings in very mixed emotions because the though of him being successful (somehow) for the vikings would be great ammunition to throw out against Packer fans.  This would be a major con in that we'd have Favre on our team and we already have a proven interception thrower on our team. 

-Try some Cox sausage

-Twins have been kicking serious ass lately and here I am claiming that I have some sort of bullshit bloggers block.  Well, I do and although I love this Twins streak and I hope it goes on until...forever but this streak really doesn't do much now.  I mean it's one thing if your team is hot in July but it's a completely different thing when they're hot in September.  Not to mention that this team is young as hell. I think the average age of our outfield is like 23. 

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