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Sunday, July 06, 2008

My Morning Crap

We'll find a way
We'll go out
Out for a day
And I want it so bad


It's probably not a good idea to type cathartic things onto the computer while you're sitting in a bathtub in ice water but at this point I don't care.  It's too damn hot and I'm sick of having a huge fan blowing on me from 3 feet away. 

Also, how about those Minnesota Twins eh?  They're still kicking opponent ass right now!  More on this tomorrow...or the next day.  Don't hold your breath.


Crap LIst

1.  My Morning Jackets newest CD

I absolutely and helplessly love alternative country.  Show me a band with creative ideas, some really decent writing, and slide guitar and I'll be somewhere nearby.  My Morning Jacket has always been one of my alternative country mainstays and would like to keep it that way.

I was a bit late in buying their latest CD but I've always kept it in mind and finally I bought it through itunes as my first album (of many) that I bought online in its duration.  I read up on the reviews of the new album online and everyone was raving on how it will be album of the year, best MMJ album ever, and continuing to push the envelope of the alt-country genre. 

Before I go on, let me give you a taste of what I love about My Morning Jacket.
-One in the Same
-Lay Low
-At Dawn

Those were the best youtube clips I could find but go look up those songs on Rhapsody or whatever because they give a good example of what MMJ is all about.  I think of MMJ as great road trip music when you're in the midwest.  Like picture this,  riding off into the sunset after a good weekend of drinking and going nuts and playing MMJ on the way home while winding down in the back seat.

After buying the new album, the first songs pops up on my itunes.  Give a listen,

"Highly Suspicious"


What in the god damn hell is THAT?!?  When I heard this song I looked back on the track list with a huge look of disgust, back at the song, back at the digital cover of the cd, and then nearly threw up.  I really thought I picked the wrong band like My Afternoon Jacket or something like that.  This could've been the most disappointed I've been from an album since... Van Halen III with Gary Cherone.  When I heard VHIII, I tossed it across my room.  This MMJ album was downloaded so I couldn't throw my laptop across the room even though I wanted to. 

What happened to the ride in bumblefuck nowhere with the hangover in the backseat?  Where's the country?  What happened to my genre? 

Of course one song does not make an album but...there's not much country on this album.  In fact itunes gives it the "alternative" title instead of "country" like their previous albums. 

Maybe another example of a bad album would be Sarah McLachlan's Afterglow when she "falls in love" and "is happy" and "everything in the world is beautiful" and all that shit.  What happened to the Surfacing days when the world was hopeless and people were stalking her (Possession)? 

2.  The Things you hear at the baseball games
I've been continuing my habit of buying tickets from scalpers outside of the venue and for Twins games I generally just want to see how good of a ticket I can aquire.  It's more the thrill than the actual game itself because I'm actually willing to hop back on the light rail, go home, and know that I tried to get an ultra cheap ticket instead of being a sucker. 

The last couple Twins games I've gone to I've scored $50 tickets for $20.  The last game was a thing of beauty.

Boof heading over to scalpers corner when he yells out to one guy holding tickets.

Boof:  Hey, you have a single?
scalper:  Ah...yeah I got one right here.
Boof checks the ticket to make sure it's legit, and then looks to see where the seat is located at.:  How much do you want for it?
Scalper:  $30
Boof:  $20
Scalper:  $25
Boof:  Sorry, all I got is $20
Scalper closing his eyes and taking it like a bitch:  Alright, $20

I sat in the VIP section and it's just god damn pitiful to listen to the baseball talk going on behind you.  Sometimes I just can't help but to turn around and try to correct everyone on their stupid god damn knowledge of the game.  I know I'm not the end-all, say-all on the subject but these people are so god damn stupid! 

"I think the Twins should acquire a decent left handing bat."
"I bet they'll put on the suicide squeeze here"
"Time for a hit and run (
when a guy is on third)"

ugh, when I grow up and have my own ballpark, I'm kicking these people out. 

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