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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

2008 Fantasy Foosball

watchin' a stretch of road, miles of light explode.
driftin' off a thing i'd never done before


Last year was a storybook ending for team Giggity Giggity.  It started with the regular season and my team completely taking a dump on the 2007 season.  Every week I would go to Buffalo Wild Wings and suffer loss after loss due to my worthless team sucking the crap out of the league. 

The regular season ended with Giggity Giggity finishing in last place and only five wins to show for it.  It was tough losing to Hog twice and everyone was pointing and laughing at me!  I only gained one high score of the season and had only $3 to show for my awful regular season.

Then the playoffs happened and guys like Laurence Maroney and Vincent Jackson actually started to play legit football instead of picking their ass.  My team of idiots was starting to play like a team of champions, American champions.  A couple wins later Giggity Giggity was in the Superbowl facing off against the evil terrorist team owned by Hog himself.  I really wanted to beat Hog (as I always do) but I really wanted to beat him in the Superbowl because we were playing for money and a really shiny trophy too!

As it turns out Freedom won again as Giggity Giggity beat Hog's team of terrorists.  God I love America!

This year I'm actually trying to keep the trophy and hopefully maintain some sort of success through the regular season.  We had our draft on Sunday and I you....


QB: Tom Brady
QB: Jay Cutler

RB:  Joseph Addai
RB:  Michael Turner
RB:  Thomas Jones
RB:  Chester Taylor
RB:  Sammy Morris

WR:  Braylen Edwards
WR:  Jehrico Cotchery
WR:  Nate Burleson
WR:  Dwayne Bowe
WR:  Robert Meachem
WR:  Vincent Jackson

TE:  Jason Witten
TE:  John Carlson

K:  Josh Brown
K:  Jason Hanson

Def:  Chicago Bears


Overall I'm really excited for my team.  I had the third pick in our draft (of ten people) and I picked Joseph Addai which was kinda questionable.  I figured that I didn't feel safe trusting Westbrook and Jackson.  I also liked having the Colts runningback.  I then had to wait 14 more picks until I had to make my 2nd pick so I was eyeing up guys like Jones-Drew and Fitzgerald.  As it turns out, everyone was so runningback heavy that Tom Brady was available for my 2nd pick which I couldn't believe.  I actually had a small thought of taking him with my first pick but I wasn't considering that too seriously.

Then for the third pick I was lucky enough to nab Braylon Edwards whom I really wanted.  With those three picks I was very satisfied.

I did get my obligatory awesome tight end this year when I didn't even plan to get one this year.  I also somehow drafted Jay Cutler in the 13th round which will be awesome for whatever week that Brady doesn't play haha. 

Before the draft I was eyeing up a some players which if years past have any indication, these guys will end up sucking.  So here is my list

-any of the two big Bengals recievers
-Bush (basically any player that starts out with a B apparently)
-I really wanted Willy Parker seeing as everyone was thinking really low of him this year but he went in the 2nd round.

So now I simply can't wait until the season starts.  We have another worthless week of exhibition games which sucks but didn't Apollo Creed get killed in an exhibition? 

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