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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Galveston It Is

Hey all,

Finally we're getting deployed. Tomorrow morning me and my group will be heading down to Galveston to set up a new shelter. Looks like I'm going to be down there until the 8th so I'm going to have a full plate.
They warned us that we're going to see things that we don't want to see and smell things that we don't want to smell. Also the mosquitos are supposed to be a total bitch.
I hate to say it but...bring it on.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm Messin With Texas

Hey all,

I arrived in Ft. Worth on Monday and haven't done much of anything since. I've been included in a group of 4 others who have just returned from Texarcana where they opened and closed a disaster shelter there. The group is a fun one--we have a couple people from Oregon, one from Vegas, a 'good ole boy' from NW Missouri, and even a girl from Minneapolis. The four not in MN are all are retired from various things in life and are fun to talk to.

Right now we are all on standby and waiting to be deployed so things are pretty boring right now. We are kooked up in this motel waiting for our phones to ring. Rumors are flying that they are going to open up a shelter in Galveston and Beaumont. If true, our group could be going out to one of those places. They also opened up a "supershelter" in Houston so that also is a possibility.

Anyway, I'm bored as all hell and saw this computer so I thought I'd give an update.
Oh and people get a bit annoyed when you say you are from the "Twin Cities". It's like Dallas/Ft. Worth came in 2nd place on the official Twin City name drawing.
Yeah, suck it Dallas/Ft. Worth.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

More Sporadic Posts to Come


Well I'm sure the two people who are left that check this place out are wondering if there will be another post.  I have an answer to that question: yes, there will be another post and this post is that other post (I know, I'm hilarious). 

Actually the last couple weeks have been me following the Twins followed by me pacing around the room with hands on hips cursing over the total lack of a bullpen, fantasy football and how every god damn person who plays me has high score of the week not to mention how I've already had two incorrect picks and I'm already out of the that other league, and this last week I've been planning and scheduling the next three weeks for work.

The reason for all that planning is because I volunteered to work for the Red Cross in Texas for the next two in a half weeks in disaster relief from hurricane Ike.  I figure it will be just the thing to break up the mindless routine that has been my life over the last... I don't really want to answer that.  Actually it was just about a two weeks ago when I was wondering how I could achieve something somewhat memorable for 2008.  I figure that this would do the job nicely.  It would be the perspective in life that I've been looking for. 

So I'm probably going to be out of the loop for the next 3 weeks and I should have something to talk about when I get back.  So, until then...

Monday, September 08, 2008

Brady Crap

Cause they ain't got the kind of law and order
That tends to keep a good man underground

Crap List

1.  Football Kickoff Weekend

Well, that did it.  All I needed was one bad week of football betting before I'm sick of it and can get back to reality.  I get way too involved into fantasy football and I have prevented myself from participating in the past because of my fixation.  I have only joined one league with my friends, one pick the game deal (which is already over--Thanks Indy), and one work deal which is only because I want to participate with people at the office a little more.  I tried to get fantasy football going at work but no one was interested...(grrr oh but everyone was interested in the ultra nerdy stock brackets which was introduced by the boss...god, that's so nerdy).

Anyway I was pumped for this week.  I was feeling good thoughts, I had some decent players, and I was bright eyed and bushy tailed or whatever for my TRIUMPHANT JUGGERNAUT OF A TEAM led by Tom Brady himself!  I've never had an elite quarterback before and this was my first time actually drafting one, the number one rated quarterback in the draft, the guy that can move mountains, and could have me riding a patriots victory to some cash! 

Brady played about a half a quarter and snapped his ACL which makes him out for the year, makes the Patriots...pretty much like the Vikings (a good team with a questionable quarterback), and my 2nd round draft pick a bust for the ages. 

B-dubs 2015
Hog:  Man, that's crap about Peterson.  I didn't know televisions fell from the sky.  I guess he'll be out for the year.  God damn it, and on the third week too.
Boof:  Ah don't worry man, I remember when I had Brady, you remember, after his record breaking year knocking up models and almost going undefeated.  I don't think I got a quarter of playing time from his worthless ass. 

Aggrrh, what happened to the 400 yard 5 touchdown games?  What about the joy and tickling and giggling?  What about all those 30-spots from the quarterback?  This is like being the last one at the state fair on Labor Day wondering what happened to Summer... which I did.  dammit.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


All in all it's just another brick in the wall.
All in all you're just another brick in the wall


I just got into a semi-heated argument with my workers on ethics vs. morals and how it's totally wrong to legislate based on morals.  Argh it was horrible, because I knew they were wrong as hell and their definitions were so incorrect that correcting them was just adding fuel to the fire.  It all started with me watching the RNC and totally dismissing Sarah Palin. 

I try to be as moderate as they come.  I listen to both sides and I try to keep myself up to date when it comes to political issues.  I have usually voted democrat but I always keep my options open just to try and remain somewhat objective.  However, I think I'm still biased.

I watched the DNC and that seemed downright amazing with the stage setups and how seamlessly it all was.  It seemed like they firmly believed in everything and it was almost--and I'm going to whisper this--kinda honest.  It's not without my fair share of eye rolling but it seemed really great. 

Even in a couple of the speeches I think I may have bought the underlining message.  I hate even admitting that.  After watching the DNC I have to admit, I think the Dems have this election in the bag.  They just have too much going in their favor.  In 2004 I firmly believe that all the Dems needed was a dignified person to run against Bush but unfortunately they couldn't do that.  I mean how embarrassing is it to lose to George Bush?  Obama seems to be that dignified character. 

The RNC is finally getting underway and after watching the last two days I have to say, I'm not impressed.  It seems very corny, very boring, and I don't believe the speakers as much.  Maybe it's the numerous chants: "Drill baby, Drill!" and all the really dumb jokes about pop culture.  It's like hearing my mom make a joke about pop culture.  One thing that I've noticed is that everyone is pronouncing Palin differently.  It seems a bit disingenuious when people can't even pronounce your name...and you're running for VP.

Obviously my bias is coming out but I can't help it.  I like McCain for how different he is than any other republican.  I like how he seems to follow his beliefs instead of his party's and how bi-partisan he seems to be.  I think it's very important to work with both sides in order to effectively execute in this country.  I really wanted McCain to select Leiberman as his VP but I knew he wouldn't do so.  It would infuriate too many conservatives (just like Lieberman infuriated many liberals). 

Needless to say, I'm not impressed with McCain's choice in Sarah Palin.  McCain, to me, represents independence from the republican party.  Sarah Palin represents republican in capital, bold letters which is enough to completely turn me off on the McCain ticket.  I mean with McCain's age I think it's very important to consider his runningmate because he's going to be 76 when he will be making another speech wanting to be re-elected or giving his endorsement.  Sarah Palin as President makes me shudder and I would hate her being a VP lead her to being a President--not because she's a woman but because I don't agree with her hardcore republican views.

With that being said, I can't wait for the debates. Both sides will be talking about change which seems very awkward for the republican side since the republicans are just coming off of 8 years of crap.