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Monday, September 08, 2008

Brady Crap

Cause they ain't got the kind of law and order
That tends to keep a good man underground

Crap List

1.  Football Kickoff Weekend

Well, that did it.  All I needed was one bad week of football betting before I'm sick of it and can get back to reality.  I get way too involved into fantasy football and I have prevented myself from participating in the past because of my fixation.  I have only joined one league with my friends, one pick the game deal (which is already over--Thanks Indy), and one work deal which is only because I want to participate with people at the office a little more.  I tried to get fantasy football going at work but no one was interested...(grrr oh but everyone was interested in the ultra nerdy stock brackets which was introduced by the boss...god, that's so nerdy).

Anyway I was pumped for this week.  I was feeling good thoughts, I had some decent players, and I was bright eyed and bushy tailed or whatever for my TRIUMPHANT JUGGERNAUT OF A TEAM led by Tom Brady himself!  I've never had an elite quarterback before and this was my first time actually drafting one, the number one rated quarterback in the draft, the guy that can move mountains, and could have me riding a patriots victory to some cash! 

Brady played about a half a quarter and snapped his ACL which makes him out for the year, makes the Patriots...pretty much like the Vikings (a good team with a questionable quarterback), and my 2nd round draft pick a bust for the ages. 

B-dubs 2015
Hog:  Man, that's crap about Peterson.  I didn't know televisions fell from the sky.  I guess he'll be out for the year.  God damn it, and on the third week too.
Boof:  Ah don't worry man, I remember when I had Brady, you remember, after his record breaking year knocking up models and almost going undefeated.  I don't think I got a quarter of playing time from his worthless ass. 

Aggrrh, what happened to the 400 yard 5 touchdown games?  What about the joy and tickling and giggling?  What about all those 30-spots from the quarterback?  This is like being the last one at the state fair on Labor Day wondering what happened to Summer... which I did.  dammit.

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