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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Simply Bits

Ooo you make me live
Whenever this world is cruel to me
I got you to help me forgive


-Since the writing in The Office has turned rather mediocre I have been looking to find another addiction.  I tried watching Entourage but I just don't care about stardom and four douchebags talking about Hollywood.  I mean the only reasons I would end up watching that show would be for the women and Ari.  Also my "24" addiction has now been long gone so I don't feel compelled to watch season 5 or the newest one. 

I was told about It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia back in July and I decided to watch an episode sometime last month. 



This show is simply fantastic.  The ideas that they have with Charlie being molested and the gang finding a dumpster baby is simply phenomenal.  Nearly every character is someone I'd LOVE to hang out with at a bar.  I can't imagine what kind of topics I could have with someone like Charlie.  Man, that would be fun.

-I also played Hog in the Presidents Cup 10 (or whatever).  After losing to him by one point in October, I managed to beat the crap out of him this last weekend and I'm gaining momentum.  I'm in great position to be the league spoiler since I have little hope of being in the top three.  At the very least I'm happy with my team name, The Thundering Didgeradoos. 

I think there should be more nicknames that have "thundering" in them.  Thundering makes every team sound really cool like the Thundering Jets, Thundering Vikings, Thundering Panthers, and Thundering Thunder.  It's universal because even people with severe lisps can say it. 

-How in the hell could Michelle Bachmann be re-elected in the 6th district?  She's seems like the type of person who will never, ever admit a mistake.  Instead of admitting any type of wrong doing she would try to spin it to make herself look less wrong or neutral. 

I've been around these people before and I know how they work.  Back in '95 I went on a backpacking trip with the Boy Scouts and explorer group.  Throughout the trail there would be tandom latrines that were either side-by-side or facing away from each other.  Naturally we would call the side-by-side ones "pilot-to-co-pilot" and the facing away ones "pilot-to-bombardier".  Me and S got into an argument about a certain type of latrine which was clearly pilot-to-bombardier and he was arguing that it was the co-pilot type.  His theory was that this latrine was for people with wide asses and that's why this particular latrine was the bombardier type.  Oh S,  will he never learn?

Anyway I'm sure I would've gotten into this same argument with Bachmann had she been backpacking with me.  Probably.

-Is Steve Miller really one of the most recognized alumni of Wisconsin?  I suppose the U of M's Yanni isn't much better but I consider myself a 70's music buff and Steve Miller doesn't do much for me at all. 

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