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Monday, December 08, 2008

Economical Crap

The look on your face yanks my neck on the chain
And I would do anything
To see you again

Crap List

1.  The God Damn Economy

I come home Friday to find that I have two *TWO* letters from my company.  One is my usual pay stub and the other is something different.  I usually can always tell the other letters by how the accounting department misspells my name.  Anyway I open it up and it reads as follows:

Hello Thomas (not my real name), I regret to inform you that we will no longer be matching your 401k investment due to the horrible economy.  Thank you and have a nice day.

After reading that scroll of sunshine I murmured a couple things under my breath:  The first was "Curse those baby boomers".  Reason being is because I have this sneaking suspicion that all the babyboomers are going to screw everything up for us gen y'ers (or x'ers or whatever the hell we are).  I'm worried that all these 60-something people will never retire and simply hold on to their job not allowing another generation (mine) to cycle through the work force.  Add to that the thought of all those baby boomers in Florida and Arizona and how we're probably going to have to bail them out through social security and how we're not going to see any of it.  I already get annoyed when I have to show them something on the computer. 

It all makes me hate Hitler even more because if it hadn't been for him we wouldn't have WWII, which means we wouldn't have all those horny people in the 40's and 50's which means everyone wouldn't impregnate everyone which means that we wouldn't have all those baby boomers.  Damn Hitler (of course a Hitler apologist would blame it on the Jews but lets not start a WWIII over the scenario). 

Babyboomers isn't even what I intended to bitch about either.  I originally wanted to bitch about all those people who bought way beyond their means.  I remember hearing a stat from 2006 where people were buying more than they were saving which I found to be rather scary.  It means that people where generally digging themselves in a financial hole and no one really cared much about it.  If I were smart, I would've have the forsight to move everything into a money market account but I'm 29 and have retirement on the horizon about 35 years into the future so I'll ride this out for 35 years...Anyway I would hear about fellow classmates buying brand new cars (which is stupid in of itself) and not having a job to pay for it.

"Hey man, money is cheap nowadays.  The interest is dirt cheap"  he would say.   So because the interest rate wasn't 17% this is a great deal?  Everywhere people were doing this along with buying houses way beyond their means.  I remember being approved on a $200,000 mortgage 4 years ago and after doing the math, there's no way I could afford such a mortgage despite every babyboomer telling me to buy a house.

"It's the best investment you could ever have."
"Houses NEVER go down in value."
"Go ahead, just do it"

and I just didn't feel right about it at the time.  So I rented and sure enough houses went down in value and my potential financial situation would be so tight that I would be watching Ducktales for advice from Scrooge McDuck.  I knew I couldn't afford a $200,000 mortgage, so what the fuck was wrong with everyone else who couldn't afford a similar mortgage?  Didn't anyone ever take any sort of common sense money management course in high school? 

But maybe I'm just a little fiscally conservative for most people.  I hate spending more than $200 and my parents have always told me to save 10% of what I earn.  Apparently everyone spends all of what they earn and would prefer to live like that.  That's fine but I hate having to worry about keeping my job and having my 401k reduced because of all these stupid fucktards that did this.  These stupid fucktards are also the ones being bailed out which infuriates me more because while they kept bouncing checks and pretending to be a bunch of middle class MC Hammers, I managed my money and was very careful but I'm not getting anything but a trickle down effect of poison from these idiots.  Now it's me who has to suffer the consequences of a bunch of douchebags who believed other douchebags and spent like douchebags.

I swear, everyone of a credit score south of 500 should be sent to Iowa to farm and figure out how to be fiscally smart. 

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Anonymous said...

Don't you think perhaps some of this is a calculated "risk" by your greedy employer to put a couple of extra bucks in their pocket? It seems the "fashionable" thing to do right now whether a company is going broke or not. I bet old "tons of funs" check isn't shrinking, and her 401K is going to just keep right on trucking. Maybe it's time to put your resume out there and see what you can do? At any rate I would at least ask how long this is predicted to be a problem, and is this company wide etc etc. You have a degree, most Baby boomer do not! Figure out what you want to be "when you grow up", and get motivated that way. Go back to school if you have to! Considering 3M fiscal future as seen in this last weekend’s paper, I wouldn't doubt that there will be ordered layoffs/retirements, perhaps in your dept anyhow.