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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

January Bits

I'm a dweller on the threshold
As I cross the burning ground
Let me go down to the water
Watch the great illusion


-Do you think this has ever happened to Barack Obama? 

"Hey Barack!  No not you, the other Barack."

I doubt it.

-Yesterday I had a meeting with a potential financial advisor.  The meeting was at 11am so I arrived with about 30 people standing in front of the receptionists desk.  It looked like they were in the middle of an important meeting so like a turtle I poked my head through and everyone was watching Biden/Obama take their oaths.  I hadn't seen that kind of impromptu gathering since 9/11.

-The only name that comes close to Barack is the character of Baraka in Mortal Kombat II.  Baraka was the one with these huge spears for hands and he would have the most gruesome moves ever.  He had the moves that would generate the most blood.  It was kinda cute that when you defeat someone you could either A: cut off their head or B: turn them into a baby and you go "aww look at the cute little baby" while playing Mortal Kombat II.


-I have always had a love of talk radio and I would actively listen to the radio since I was about 10.  Tuesday one of the shows that I listened to the most was completely taken off the ticket with the host and producer fired.  Chad Hartman was kind of a pompus dorky idiot but I loved the topics that he would get into.  Plus he would talk some quality baseball during baseball season which is much more than you can say for the other shows on KFAN.  When someone like PA tries to talk baseball you get to hear this kind of stuff,

"The Twins this year come into the season with plenty of left handed hitters so they should dominate the league-beedeep.  Mauer scored about 80 points last year and they should probably move him to third yadaat.  I can't believe they didn't move to sign Manny Ramirez to a long term deal because he is baseball immortality!"

I cringe whenever I hear that stuff. 

-I just found out today that someone passed away who would work out routinely at the gym.  I don't know anyone by name there so when I read the obituary taped up at the front desk I couldn't figure out who it was.  Apparently he worked out when I did and was a dentist which doesn't really narrow things down at all.

There was the grumpy old guy who would change all three televisions to fox news and when you insist he not change one of the side tvs he'd snear at ya. 

There was also the guy who wore the toupee and would always talk gopher sports with me.  One day he came in completely bald and then the next day he wore his toupee.

Then there were the two fat guys who would talk non stop about baseball.  These guys knew there stuff but they really didn't like when I interjected things.  Still they seemed kinda nice.

I can't forget the super creepy dude who would seemingly follow me around the gym.  I would go up to the track to run and he would come shortly after.  I would go to lift weights and he would follow shortly after.  I would even shoot some hoops and he would do that in no time.  Of course he had some pretty bad teeth so I doubt it's him. 

It could've been the well dressed old man who would be eating his lunch at the table right up in front.  He was always very out going and would ask me how I am doing.  I don't think it's him but it would certainly suck if it was.

-I remember seeing this skyway hanging out in a lot just outside the U of M east bank and I was wondering why the hell this skyway was left outside.  I think it would cool to build something containing it's own skyway.  It wouldn't be needed but you could have floor 5 be cut in half with the people having to go through a skyway to enter the west side of the building.  Or maybe I could build a house and get to know my neighbor really well and then build this skyway to our houses.

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