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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The first few days

I will walk out of the darkness
And I'll walk into the light
And I'll sing the song of ages
And the dawn will end the night


Day one and two of unemployment have passed and I'm already bored out of my mind.  I cleaned up my room today and tomorrow I plan on doing more cleaning and working out because I don't know what else to do.  The job hunt is not going so well because there just isn't much out there.  I've even looked at going somewhere, anywhere but I don't want to go anywhere without my girl. 

I find that I'm back to where I was in Freshmen year of high school.  I remember we had to draw a four year plan to help pave our way into college and thus, a career.  I agonized long and hard over this because I didn't know what I wanted to do.  I have medium interests in a bunch of things but not enough to warrant them as my true passion.  I'm hesitant in starting a career in the environment because I don't think I really have a passion for it.  I mean I like being outside and learning about the how's and whys but not enough to want to make money off of it.

When I was laid off last week a number of my superiors and coworkers would shake my hand and say, "hopefully you'll come back sooner than later" meaning that things should pick up and I might get called back.  I guess I consider that to be some sort of a time limit in that I need to find a better career before they call me back in.  I didn't mind my former job but I also didn't love it either.  The coworkers were nice and helpful but they weren't lifelong material.  I don't know if I value coworkers more than the actual work because I've always said that the worst job in the world would be a piece of cake if you have great people working around with you.

I would love to own a business someday but what business would I own?  What entity do I know thoroughly enough to be a leader in it?  I figure that the internet is still going to be around in the future, so perhaps taking web design class would be a good route (maybe I could find a better template for this place).  I suppose I have some soul searching in my time off and I hope I can gain some experiences and learn some more hobbies. 

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Anonymous said...

So did you file for unemployment? The fact that you are collecting unemployment from them is a great reason to have 3M call you back ASAP? If your not drawing on them you wil be the last one called back.