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Monday, March 09, 2009

More Laid Off Crap

Grasp at straws that don’t want grasping
Gaze at clouds that come down crashing
Never turn your back on mother earth


Crap List

-The Parents reaction

For the record, I'm doing pretty well for getting the pink slip at work.  I've been playing out my last couple days and I'm making it a point not to burn any bridges although the thought is very satisfying. 

When I told my dad the news he made sure to hold a press conference for all of his work buddies and the news went out like wildfire.  My dad should've been a reporter of some sort with the amount of people that listen to him when he has some juicy dirt. I'm wondering if my dad is on Twitter or something (a thought that would blow my mind seeing as he can't maximize a window). 

Anyway my parents are in full blown job hunting mode which is very nice of them...but very annoying of them in the same light.  My mom has just discovered Craigslist so I'm sure she's about ready to suggest the first 20 entries to anything that comes up.  I'm just very lucky to not be single because before I know I know it I'll have my dad calling me up,

"So I found this singles add on craigslist.  This one is blonde, tall, pretty swell body, and she sounds like a keeper.  She only wants 100 roses and I think roses are on sale at Rainbow!  She could be marriage material!"

...When in fact she's a full blown whore. 

I did get a phone call from my dad on whether I applied to the public works job and he had the idea where I find a job in--alright get ready for this--

Radio and TV.


See, the thought is that I went into college and studied radio and tv for about a year in a half while working on studio equipment which was 30 years old and this was ten years ago.  We used the Amiga for computer graphics!  I would give him credit for knowing my bio but the idea is so damn stupid that I would hope my future kids would send me in a home for saying something like that in the future.  (future kids: if you're reading this, you will have to fight me first)

After all, if construction is the biggest victim of the recession, the media is probably coming in at number 2.  Not to mention if I even did have some sort of a desire to be in the media (and I can assure you, I don't) I would've

A.  Finished school
B.  Taken an internship about 8 years ago
C.  continued to take an interest in the media
D.  Moved far, far away from my parents.


-Reactions to my laid off news

I'm finding that people are very uneasy around me at work nowadays.  I have the very weird situation in that I was purposely tipped off at getting laid off two weeks before hand and everyone knows about it.  What is weird is that everyone is walking on eggshells around me about the news.  It's as if they think I'm going to go insane about receiving the pink slip.  Like I would go insane about that gig.  pfff

Whenever people call me I get the inevitable elephant-in-the-room startup with,

"Hey Tom,
Uh, so I'm sorry about the news.  (insert some sort of humbling selfless comment). I'm sure you'll find your way on your feet someday, (two second pause) someday."

My mom even told me that she's "praying for me" which is nice I guess...

But I'm not dying.  It's a very uneasy feeling because I'm actually passed getting laid off and I'm looking forward to learning about something new.  I'm dreaming about different things that I could on a nightly basis and the thoughts are endearing.  Steph even messaged me with,

"So are you going to find some really fun baseball job now that you have more time on your hands?"

Oh my god that would be sweet!  See, THAT is the kind of response that wish to generate.  Even a little 'well wish' is a very nice gesture which It isn't riddled with weird cancer undertones and I don't feel like I should be mourning something.  I don't know, I'm a pretty optimistic person and I feel very confident that I'll find a better job at some point someday...someday.

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The Steph said...

Actually, I was wondering if you were going to be the Twins' bat boy :)

And you came suspiciously close to ending that post with the lyrics to a Mariah Carey song. That alone is worthy of causing someone to worry about you.