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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

WBC Bits

No more turning away
From the weak and the weary
No more turning away
From the coldness inside


-I must admit, I have been ass deep in watching the World Baseball Classic since it started last weekend.  For those who don't care or figure it's boring, think again because I'll give you a brief rundown of WBC history

February 2006:  Critics pan it before it begins while countries like Venezuela, Dominican Republic, and Cuba start salivating for world baseball dominance. 

March 2006:  Almost immediately after the first weekend the popularity sky rockets with ESPN frantically adding games and lazy sportswriters starting to take notice.  The Domincan/Venezuela game receives more press pass requests than the Superbowl.  Chipper Jones announces that the WBC is more intense than the World Series.

Late March 2006:  Koreans booing Ichiro, David Ortiz cocks off to the Cubans, and the US loses to Canada to the surprise of the ignorant US sportswriters.  I spontaneously explode to my delight of the whole tournament.

This year is no different.  Even after the success of the first tournament, sportswriters (as worthless as they are, especially in this town) still ridicule it and would prefer watching spring training because... they're stupid.  I will admit that it didn't have the best preview with numerous players announcing tennis elbow problems, bumps on the knee, and spiders being in the WBC clubhouse scaring all the players away but these teams do have really good talent.

-Speaking of the WBC how about that Dutch team?!  The Dominicans were supposed to be the favorites in the tournament with all the power hitters they have.  They were like the steroid poster team from 2006 and now it's like they can't get through an inning without booting the ball around the infield. 

The Netherlands on the other hand were playing great baseball.  The pitching specifically was impressive by keeping the Dominicans down to 3 runs in 20 innings.  I can't help but to think that Bert Blyleven has something to do with it since he's the pitching coach.  Remember, this is the team that had a no-hitter in 2006.

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