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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Boof and Brett Favre's Olive Branch

Now that you're gone
I'm left all alone
All by myself
To wander and roam

I have to admit, I've been all watching all the news, reading every worthless report, and seen just about every news story on Brett Favre. I already stated last year on how Favre throwing for the Vikings is my "nightmare scenario" and how weird it would be.  As for the latest news, I don't follow It so much for him being a viking quarterback as much as I love the drama involved. 

For instance the Vikings went out of their way to trade for Sage Rosenfels who was a mediocre quarterback for Houston.  They trade for the guy and he's now playing for the backup position?  Then there's Tarvaris who played okay last year and who knows the offense as good as anyone.  He was one dropped pass away from perhaps having an improved 2008 season.  Now he wants to be traded (bwhahahahah)

Random NFL Exec calling the Vikings: "Hey Vikes, I'll trade you this half eaten baloney sandwich for Tarvaris Jackson!"


Throughout all this news, I've learned about Favre's alleged main reason for continuing to play football:  To "stick it" to the Packers.

When I first read this I just shook it off an called him and old man under my breath.  Then one day I saw this guy walk across the street with this butt ugly packers jacket and that ugly G on his cap.  This just happened after I read a 5th time that Favre just wanted revenge on his former team.  That's when the light bulb came on.

I hate the Packers and would love nothing more than the Vikings to beat the hell out of them 66-0...and so would Brett Favre.


 Is it right for me to hate the thought of Brett Favre playing for Minnesota?  Isn't your enemy's enemy your ally?  Do Brett Favre and Boof really share the same goals in life?

I thought all of those were brilliant questions.  It was like a Christian in North Korea finding a Christian South Korean and both wanting to hate each other but finding out they want the same thing.  Well, I don't know how many Koreans are Christian but I can assume that there's a couple...right?  Probably not.

Anyway I see it like this, I'm extending an olive branch to Brett Favre only to beat the crap out of the Packers with said olive branch.  It almost sounds biblical.

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Anonymous said...

You are back!! Cracky's happy...