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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Favre Talk

You were caught on the crossfire of childhood and stardom,
blown on the steel breeze


People who know me and who read this know that I hate the Packers.  The fans drive me nuts from my grandma to that annoying guy in the office who paints his cubicle in mustard yellow.  I can't stand them and their over-glorification of everything.  That being said, I've always disliked the praise for Brett Favre and how  he's touchdown Jesus and how the light glistens off his helmet and all that crap.

One of the best games of my life was against the Packers and I've mocked the guy for the duration of this blog.

I even described Favre coming here as a nightmare situation.

Since then I have loosened up and completely changed my reaction to Favre being a Vikings.  I think it was listening to a couple Packer fans on the radio bitch and whine about Favre playing for the Vikings.  Then I heard how much Favre wanted to 'stick it' to the Packers organization and I immediately sat down in my seat and pondered that. 

If Favre hates the Packers....and I hate the Packers....doesn't that make Favre some sort of an ally?  I guess it kinda does and if he want's to beat the shit out of the Packers, I'm certainly not going to get in the way of that.  So therefore I was a little hurt when he decided to not join the Vikings a couple weeks ago.  I felt a bit rejected and I gave the existing Viking quarterbacks a very sober look because I didn't trust them. 

Then yesterday came and suddenly it felt like a dream.  Packer fans were pissed off and wanting blood and Viking fans felt like it was Christmas morning.  I also watched quite a bit of ESPN yesterday and listened to all the analysis of the Vikings.  I also did some analysis myself.

-I enjoyed the Packer whining so much that I found myself listening to a Green Bay sports radio show and all the whining going on.  Then I heard this,

"The one thing I am concerned about is if they end up winning a superbowl.  I feel that if they should win the Superbowl with Favre then that would negate our Superbowl with Favre."

The host agreed and I felt my heart skip a beat and immediately transformed into dream mode.

"And Favre throws for another touchdown to put the nail in the coffin for superbowl XLII."  Everyone in Wisconsin is now feeling like the Vikings fans did.  bwhahahahahahah

-After listening to the huge debate of wether the Vikings are better now with Favre or not I couldn't help but shake my head.  I believe it clearly makes them better not because of what Favre could potentially do but what he brings to the table.  All the Vikings have needed in the past three years is an average quarterback.  Not good, not great, but average.  TJ, Frerrote, and all those other stiffs we've put in there are not even average.  Favre at the very least makes the defense respect the air game the Vikings could have.  With TJ they defense would just stack up 9 guys in the box to stop the run and make TJ cry in his diaper.  Now Favre and his reputation for killing blitzing defenses can change all that for simply being under center.

-I find it amazing that a guy can simply get off a plane, sign a contract, and start practicing as if it's some kind of computer game.  I thought he would at least take the first day off just to blame it on logistics.

That's all I got and I can't wait for Friday's preseason game (did I just say that?)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

That Time of Year Again

Let me take you down, 'cause I'm going to Strawberry Fields.
Nothing is real and nothing to get hungabout.
Strawberry Fields forever.


This weekend is my annual relative get-together and I'm just happy it's somewhere relatively close.  This year we're having our Christmas in August in Lanesboro, MN which is about 2 hours away from the Twin Cities.  My uncle is hosting this and he's actually done a bit of research this year.  He's actually got some activities that we can participate in with our dip contest and tons of bike trails.

The one part where he failed (in my mind anyway) was the gift exchange.  This year the gifts have a theme and they have to fit that theme.  This years theme is farming and/or gardening. 



Aren't gifts supposed to be something that you feel somewhat good about?  I mean I already know I'm not going to get anything worth while which makes me want to buy something incredibly stupid to begin with.  So far I'm thinking of buying a simple rake and wrapping the rake with paper so that it obviously looks like a rake.  I think that would be semi-funny.

I think what I'm going to have to do is take a walk in a nearby Target in the gardening section and see what I can find.  I might just wrap up a clay pot and put in a message that says (have fun with your big clay pot). 

Other than that I'm drawing a blank.  I could buy a load of seed but...that sounds so boring.  I did think about buying a DVD of Field of Dreams but I would be willing to bet that no one would get it.  No one got my Godfather and Glitter joke a couple years ago and whoever recieved it simply thought it was cool to get 2 DVD's.  ugh

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kurt Rambis?

I love you this hour, this hour today
and heaven will smell like the airport
but I may never get there to prove it


Apparently the Wolves found a new coach.  I couldn't care less in fact I couldn't tell you the last 3 coaches they've had.  Kurt Rambis is the new coach that the GM found and though I don't know much of anything about him I do have a small complaint.  When the hell did he lose the glasses?

I mean when I heard that the Wolves were persuing him I expected him to have that crazy junkie/Hanson brothers look that we remember in the 80's.  That look that looked kinda hipster in its' time.  So ugly that you have to appreciate it kinda think. 

Somewhere he went from this:

 rambis5ki bwface

To This:

kurtrambis kurt-rambis-full_getty-71797321jj011_ca_los_angele_12_29_38_am

Well what the hell is that about?  What happened to the mullet and the thick black specs?  He should at least have glasses.  It's the rule for semi-famous guys with glasses, the glasses have to stick.  Like have you seen Elton John without glasses?  He's like Darth Vador without the mask.  I could also use the Smokey and the Bandit example where Burt Reynolds has a Cavalier instead of a Trans Am.  Hell, he'd blow a head gasket just fishtailing it on the highway.

Where the hell did Kurt Rambis pull out the dignified coach look?  Not that I've had any kind of NBA basketball knowledge or anything but based on NBA's corrupted nature he should automatically gain one technical ever game whenever he doesn't wear the glasses.

I mean really, how can anyone take the guy seriously anymore?

Thursday, August 06, 2009

The New Busch Stadium

On my feet to chase it down
The lights were spokes and rungs away
I stumbled back and hit the floor


Finally, I can start on with ballpark pictures of our road trip to Missouri.  It was hot as hell and I think my *former* car took a hell of a beating because of it.  I also found out that my car's radiator cap had a hole in it. 

No hole=no pressure=not much effective cooling in 105 degree heat.  Oh well, it's not mine anymore so it's someone else's to worry about.

Anyway I had heard a lot of praise for the New Busch Stadium.  Things like it's been sold out since it's first day in 2006 and that it's a wonderful ballpark.


St. Louis 2009 004 

First things first, I need a belt.


St. Louis 2009 155

Note to self, never get on top of the St. Louis arch when you are truly interested in the game being played down below.  I was squinting to try and read that itty bitty scoreboard on the left and I couldn't make out anything.  I did barely catch the third baseman making a play to first though which I was impressed with.  Not with the play but the fact that I could actually see it.


St. Louis 2009 183

The next day we actually went to the game.  We got there very early because 1, I pressured my girlfriend into it and 2, I wanted to see what the scene was like before the game.  It really wasn't all that exciting.


St. Louis 2009 186

They do have some cool things outside of the ballpark like this huge Stan Musial baseball which no one wanted to really stand on.


St. Louis 2009 188

These stone carvings were really cool too.  Do you think that in 10,000 years from now there will be aliens uncovering these stones and learning about our way of life based on Busch Stadium?


St. Louis 2009 191

This was a pretty nice tribute to Jack Buck.  Too bad his son is a prissy little bitch though.


St. Louis 2009 192

This is the Wienermoble before it smashed into that house.


St. Louis 2009 195

When we first entered the ballpark I was immediately semi-shocked that they did not have open concourses.  What the hell?  And this was indeed the lower deck too.  How does a ballpark get built in the 21st century without open concourses?


St. Louis 2009 207

They do have these little tracks out in the open where you can bypass the concourse which is pretty nice but it's still not an open concourse.  Also, I don't know if you can see this or not, but under that deck you can see PVC pipe going..where ever.  PVC pipe?  Really?  Good lord that is disappointing.


St. Louis 2009 206

I think this was the scoreboard on the last day of the former Busch Stadium.  Why this is important, I have no idea. 


St. Louis 2009 217

This was the view from our seats.  The view was decent and it was nice to soak in the sun.  Justin Morneau hit a home run about ten rows above us. 


St. Louis 2009 218

And the scoreboard.  Nothing fancy really.  It seems like Budweiser really dominates it though.  I guess that's why it's called Busch Stadium


St. Louis 2009 198

I would say this is the primary reason why this ballpark gains so much praise.  The view behind homeplate is simply amazing. 


St. Louis 2009 221

It's also nice that all it takes is one right turn to find one of four interstates. 

Overall Busch Stadium was nice but not as good as I thought it was going to be.  I remember the national media drooling about this place when it first opened and I guess I just think it's okay.  The open concourses and the PVC is just stupid.  I would say the only thing really unique about this place is the view behind homeplate but even that's more of a testament to the City instead of the ballpark.  I mean you would have to be a complete moron to not show the city skyline as a part of the ballpark.

What's even more surprising is that I would put this ballpark on par with US Cellular field in Chicago (gasp!).  US Cellular has all these complaints about angles and sitelines which I didn't see when I went there.  I was even surprised to find out it wasn't even the best ballpark in Missouri.  All in all if the Twins played the Cardinals in St. Louis again, I probably wouldn't go out of my way to see a game in the New Busch Stadium. 

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

A New Dawn

I'm growing tired and time stands still before me
Frozen here on the ladder of my life


I believe it was that cross country trip that gave my car symptoms of terminal cancer.  The thing was on the verge of overheating many times, the check engine light would come on every 100 miles, and it was really starting to squeak.  I was having recollections of the summer of 2004 when something would fall off my Regal on a weekly basis.  The breaks would stick closed so after the third break job (all under warrantee) I got sick of smelling the break pads.  I got a hundred dollars for trade-in value for that car and I still think I could've gotten another hundred had I cleaned it before I drove it to the dealership. 

Now my Pontiac was acting up.  I had a guy check the light code in Nodak and he confirmed that the transmission slipped...or so the car said.  I never actually felt the transmission slip but oh well.  After that diagnose the light would come on, come off, and then come on again.  I immediately began looking for new/used cars again.  When you look up comments on a '97 grand am, let me know what you see because all I ever see are catch words like "money pit", "worst car ever", and "frustrating".  After reading each comment I found out that their problems had already happened to me and that it would only pick up in the future.

I looked at my Grand Am, looked at, and then back at my car again and figured that I really need to get rid of it.

I researched a bunch of cars online and somehow landed on the Honda Fit.  It wasn't exactly a car, wasn't exactly a minivan, but it had the best of both.  It had a rating of 9.3 on Edmunds and got great gas milage. 

I test drove it and decided that I wanted it a couple days after getting giddy about it.  The only problem was the trade-in value of my Grand Am.  As far as I'm concerned the thing was worth a Saturday afternoon, a case of Summit, and a handful of sledgehammers but perhaps the dealership thought differently.  The first thing was getting it to the dealership without that light being on.  I figure if they find out there is something not quite right with the tranny then I might not get more than a sledgehammer for the thing.  I would've been happy with $1500 but blue book values were a bit more.

I managed to take it to the dealership sweating bullets hoping to god that light wouldn't come on.  I was watching the dashboard like a hawk until I finally arrived at the dealership without a "check engine" light.  I talked to the salesman about how I wanted a new Honda and told him about my great grand am with nothing wrong with it...  After all I just washed it and cleaned out the interior so it looked like the day I bought it.  It actually looked very cool and it even glistened in the sun!

I then hand my keys to this old guy who jumps in my car and starts checking the gears, making sudden stops in the parking lot, and then takes it on the highway.  I was praying the light wouldn't come on.  Meanwhile me and the salesman are looking up the bluebook value and he said he'd try to get me $2000 for it.  I was elated and still praying. 

Guy comes back, drops of the keys, and the salesman looks at me with a sober look.

"We weren't able to get you $2000 because the tires have a small flaw so we took $200 off of that for a trade-in of $1800.  Is that okay?"

Boof (on the inside):  HELL YES!  SUCKERS!!!!
Boof (on the outside):  I suppose.

So I picked out this phat looking Honda and started the paperwork.  I had to wait for the car because they had to repair the roof after a previous storm had dented the roof. 
Whatever.  As I drove off the lot in my Grand Am it was no more than a mile down the road when the orange "check engine" light came on again.  I held my heart, took a deep breath in, and said "holy fucking shit!" as I went home.

Now I have a new vehicle and I'm kicking ass!