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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kurt Rambis?

I love you this hour, this hour today
and heaven will smell like the airport
but I may never get there to prove it


Apparently the Wolves found a new coach.  I couldn't care less in fact I couldn't tell you the last 3 coaches they've had.  Kurt Rambis is the new coach that the GM found and though I don't know much of anything about him I do have a small complaint.  When the hell did he lose the glasses?

I mean when I heard that the Wolves were persuing him I expected him to have that crazy junkie/Hanson brothers look that we remember in the 80's.  That look that looked kinda hipster in its' time.  So ugly that you have to appreciate it kinda think. 

Somewhere he went from this:

 rambis5ki bwface

To This:

kurtrambis kurt-rambis-full_getty-71797321jj011_ca_los_angele_12_29_38_am

Well what the hell is that about?  What happened to the mullet and the thick black specs?  He should at least have glasses.  It's the rule for semi-famous guys with glasses, the glasses have to stick.  Like have you seen Elton John without glasses?  He's like Darth Vador without the mask.  I could also use the Smokey and the Bandit example where Burt Reynolds has a Cavalier instead of a Trans Am.  Hell, he'd blow a head gasket just fishtailing it on the highway.

Where the hell did Kurt Rambis pull out the dignified coach look?  Not that I've had any kind of NBA basketball knowledge or anything but based on NBA's corrupted nature he should automatically gain one technical ever game whenever he doesn't wear the glasses.

I mean really, how can anyone take the guy seriously anymore?

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