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Thursday, August 06, 2009

The New Busch Stadium

On my feet to chase it down
The lights were spokes and rungs away
I stumbled back and hit the floor


Finally, I can start on with ballpark pictures of our road trip to Missouri.  It was hot as hell and I think my *former* car took a hell of a beating because of it.  I also found out that my car's radiator cap had a hole in it. 

No hole=no pressure=not much effective cooling in 105 degree heat.  Oh well, it's not mine anymore so it's someone else's to worry about.

Anyway I had heard a lot of praise for the New Busch Stadium.  Things like it's been sold out since it's first day in 2006 and that it's a wonderful ballpark.


St. Louis 2009 004 

First things first, I need a belt.


St. Louis 2009 155

Note to self, never get on top of the St. Louis arch when you are truly interested in the game being played down below.  I was squinting to try and read that itty bitty scoreboard on the left and I couldn't make out anything.  I did barely catch the third baseman making a play to first though which I was impressed with.  Not with the play but the fact that I could actually see it.


St. Louis 2009 183

The next day we actually went to the game.  We got there very early because 1, I pressured my girlfriend into it and 2, I wanted to see what the scene was like before the game.  It really wasn't all that exciting.


St. Louis 2009 186

They do have some cool things outside of the ballpark like this huge Stan Musial baseball which no one wanted to really stand on.


St. Louis 2009 188

These stone carvings were really cool too.  Do you think that in 10,000 years from now there will be aliens uncovering these stones and learning about our way of life based on Busch Stadium?


St. Louis 2009 191

This was a pretty nice tribute to Jack Buck.  Too bad his son is a prissy little bitch though.


St. Louis 2009 192

This is the Wienermoble before it smashed into that house.


St. Louis 2009 195

When we first entered the ballpark I was immediately semi-shocked that they did not have open concourses.  What the hell?  And this was indeed the lower deck too.  How does a ballpark get built in the 21st century without open concourses?


St. Louis 2009 207

They do have these little tracks out in the open where you can bypass the concourse which is pretty nice but it's still not an open concourse.  Also, I don't know if you can see this or not, but under that deck you can see PVC pipe going..where ever.  PVC pipe?  Really?  Good lord that is disappointing.


St. Louis 2009 206

I think this was the scoreboard on the last day of the former Busch Stadium.  Why this is important, I have no idea. 


St. Louis 2009 217

This was the view from our seats.  The view was decent and it was nice to soak in the sun.  Justin Morneau hit a home run about ten rows above us. 


St. Louis 2009 218

And the scoreboard.  Nothing fancy really.  It seems like Budweiser really dominates it though.  I guess that's why it's called Busch Stadium


St. Louis 2009 198

I would say this is the primary reason why this ballpark gains so much praise.  The view behind homeplate is simply amazing. 


St. Louis 2009 221

It's also nice that all it takes is one right turn to find one of four interstates. 

Overall Busch Stadium was nice but not as good as I thought it was going to be.  I remember the national media drooling about this place when it first opened and I guess I just think it's okay.  The open concourses and the PVC is just stupid.  I would say the only thing really unique about this place is the view behind homeplate but even that's more of a testament to the City instead of the ballpark.  I mean you would have to be a complete moron to not show the city skyline as a part of the ballpark.

What's even more surprising is that I would put this ballpark on par with US Cellular field in Chicago (gasp!).  US Cellular has all these complaints about angles and sitelines which I didn't see when I went there.  I was even surprised to find out it wasn't even the best ballpark in Missouri.  All in all if the Twins played the Cardinals in St. Louis again, I probably wouldn't go out of my way to see a game in the New Busch Stadium. 

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The Steph said...

I (unfortunately for the intern working in my office with me who had to listen to me) read this post while at work and couldn't stop laughing out loud. This is one of the best ballpark reviews EVER.