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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

There's No Way...

I'm not saying that the battle is won
But on Saturday night all those kids in the sun
Wrested technology's sword from the hand of the war lords
'The Tide is Turning' Roger Waters

I'm patiently waiting for twitter updates and youtube videos to surface about the potential David Gilmour/Roger Waters reunion in St. Paul (of all places).  I didn't think anything of it until this stupid news story came out and since then I've been reading twitter updates and people calling in radio shows about how they "ran into" David Gilmour at the St. Paul Hotel.

I honestly don't know what to make of all this.  I can't believe out of all the tour dates that Roger Waters is embarking on that David Gilmour would pick St. Paul to perform with Waters.  I think everyone figured that Gilmour would end up in London since he's old and boring now.  Not to mention he wouldn't have to travel with Roger Waters and listen to fans go crazy over a tour that's not his.

Update:  Apparently Gilmour did NOT play with Waters which makes me feel a bit better about not going.  I was debating on buying the $100+ ticket for months now but I declined because I've had enough buying tickets to acts over 60 years old and I could use that money elsewhere.

I remember seeing Fleetwood Mac and all the 60 year olds playing the songs that have been played thousands of times before.  I remember after the concert shaking my head and wondering why the hell I paid $80 for this?  Roger Waters is 67, David Gilmour is a few years younger than that and to me, that's a bit cringe worthy.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Homecoming of Sorts...maybe

Lately I've been talking in my sleep 
 I can't imagine what I'd have to say 
Eric Clapton, "Running on Faith" 

(Sigh, blogger really sucks nowadays.  Sorry for the crazy format)

I've been persuaded by a few individuals (fans if you will) about coming back and blogging since everything seems to be somewhat normalized. Normalized seems like the wrong word but whatever. 

Anyway so what have I been up to. Hmmm 

I can't remember where I left off. I know there's a Brett Favre post from some time ago but that could've been from 4 years ago knowing how much I wrote about my jealous hate for the guy. 
Well, first of all I'm actually going to marry someone. Believe it or not, someone can actually handle my down-turned mouth and my nasally voice. I proposed to “B” while taking a trip up north. No wedding date yet but 2012 seems to be a decent year. 
Second, I was laid off for about 15 months where I probably learned more about life than ever before. That whole 'debbie downer' of a post will happen someday but not right now. 
I never did get that house but I'm still in the market.  
Vikings came close to a Superbowl. Twins still have not. 
Other than that it's been somewhat normal  
So why have I neglected blogger for a year in a half? 
Most obvious answer: I'm lazy. 
Most non obvious answer: Ever since I met B I think about her more than my petty little differences in life. I remember before I would try and sleep at night feeling very lonely and not having anyone to talk to. That's kinda why I started blogging to begin with, just to reach out to someone and know that I'm alive. 
Along with all that I've decidedly 'lost a step' and my grammar is at an all-time low. I can only sing the "conjunction junction" song so many times and I would have to decipher it like it was the DaVinci code. Also, with as much as MLA changes, how the hell can anyone keep up. 
One space after a period now? That's bullshit. 
I'm not changing my spaces now. I've come too far. 
I read some of those earlier posts and I have no idea how I could construct some of those sentences without the writing helper at the nearby community college. 

I'm also terrible at being constructive without a clean desk, sitting somewhat upright, and in a quiet place. I cannot and will not write a post while I'm melted in bed. Now that I'm back at work I can "take a break" and post something every now and then. 

My posts are now old enough that someone can look back at them and question me, "Why the hell are you talking shit about me?" and I and retort with, "I'm sorry, I was in a different place back then." and that would generally work. I know in the thick of my blogging a few close friends would walk up to me and remark about how grumpy I am. This is in direct reference to my Monday Crap List that I would partake in. I was very surprised at this revelation because I've never felt that I was an overly negative person. The Crap List was just a day to vent some frustration, not to for a personality around. I still want to do more crap lists but perhaps I’ll have to have everyone sign a waiver. 

That's another thing, work is basically the main reason why I'm even considering getting back in the blogging game again. There's no one here at night and I know six years back I felt a bit lonely at night without anyone to talk to or share my feelings about whatever. Now that I'm back I can maybe continue to cry and complain through blogger. That's great news eh? I'm not going to promise greatness but with all these changes to Blogger in the last year in a half, I could be great. 

Probably not though.