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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

There's No Way...

I'm not saying that the battle is won
But on Saturday night all those kids in the sun
Wrested technology's sword from the hand of the war lords
'The Tide is Turning' Roger Waters

I'm patiently waiting for twitter updates and youtube videos to surface about the potential David Gilmour/Roger Waters reunion in St. Paul (of all places).  I didn't think anything of it until this stupid news story came out and since then I've been reading twitter updates and people calling in radio shows about how they "ran into" David Gilmour at the St. Paul Hotel.

I honestly don't know what to make of all this.  I can't believe out of all the tour dates that Roger Waters is embarking on that David Gilmour would pick St. Paul to perform with Waters.  I think everyone figured that Gilmour would end up in London since he's old and boring now.  Not to mention he wouldn't have to travel with Roger Waters and listen to fans go crazy over a tour that's not his.

Update:  Apparently Gilmour did NOT play with Waters which makes me feel a bit better about not going.  I was debating on buying the $100+ ticket for months now but I declined because I've had enough buying tickets to acts over 60 years old and I could use that money elsewhere.

I remember seeing Fleetwood Mac and all the 60 year olds playing the songs that have been played thousands of times before.  I remember after the concert shaking my head and wondering why the hell I paid $80 for this?  Roger Waters is 67, David Gilmour is a few years younger than that and to me, that's a bit cringe worthy.


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